Another one of the larger Chia farms, Brian Freeman shuts down

Hello community. I like to follow in on Chia coin, because on some levels it’s similar to StorJ (because they both rely on HDDs, duh), and on other levels it’s completely different.

I’ve never believed in the Chia project - I don’t see how their product could attract real customers, and they always had an absolutely insane overhead with capacity available.

Brian Freeman operates a ~24PiB setup, which he has completely shut down, dismantled and sold off. He then made all his (really informative, I might add) videos private, and now have an ~hour of justification. I think the XCH project is in dark times.


I was attracted to StorJ, because compared to most of the competition I like the customer first approach, the “you get paid for what you are hosting, not what hard drives you are throwing at us” and truly believing in the product.



The one thing I take from Chia: is that there’s tons of community storage out there. Brian was one guy with gear in his garage: a tiny part of the dozens of EiB in their network: yet he could pretty much hold the entirety of Storj’s customer-paid data himself.

An ex-Chia-farmer may not make an ideal SNO, on day-one: but they certainly have the HDD space. It’s a network that has/had 500x or more our raw storage capacity: and I’m certain a lot of it is headed our way.


There are two important requirements put by Storj that didn’t have to be satisfied by Chia miners: bandwidth and location. Farms optimized for Chia will not be necessary in position to profit from Storj.

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You speak my mind, there are no customer in Chia, it probably still work as exchange value token (like bitcoin), if there is no pre-farm issue…


Sad he put down the previous videos. It was a nice inspiration of how our Storj setups might look like some day in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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We still have Th3Van to inspire us!

Seriously… I’d be happy to fill one drive. That dude buys even memory by the yard!