Any help much appreciated

I will deeply appreciate any help you can give me, because i am not an advanced user but I like the concept of stoj storage and i would like to use it as my backup solution *apx 4TB of data.

I cannot bother all the time the support. So I open a thread here. I deleted my previously access grants during my testing, so I left with 2 buckets and 23GB of not accessible data. I want to delete all the buckets and files, and start over. The easiest solution would be to make a new project, but i will have to request a limit increase again.
Support gave me this
Hello Vgkumpour,
Thank you for contacting Storj.

The force deletion from the browser of non-empty buckets is not possible at the moment.
The usual way is

  1. Create an access grant
  2. Setup uplink with this access grant

Then you can list buckets:

uplink ls

And forcible delete the bucket even without correct encryption phrase:

uplink rb --force sj://bucket-to-delete

but everytime i am trying to use ./uplink.exe import accessgrant.txt command i get an error uplink default access already exists.

probably because of my previous attempts. How to continue?
I am trying to delete all the buckets and files *due to lost passphrase and start again from the very beggining. any help much appreciated, sorry for my very bad english.

Since you already had an access grant configured you have to add the --overwrite parameter.