Any idea about recent price spike?

Recent pump is accelerating the process of selling STORJ token reserves in Binance

as usual. Traders, you know, do trades. And influence, if they can.


I there any real value for holding Storj token?
Storj is just a utility Token. It has no use case ? Or ?

STORJ is a utility token, that is correct. Its use case is to pay storage node operators for their services, and to allow customers to pay for their usage on the Storj network. So I would not call this ¨no use case¨



If you pay in token you get 10% bonus on your STORJ tokens deposit


Yes for sure Storj pays Node operators
However if Storj Token get burned or the Demand shrink Storj does not depend on this Token Storj can decide every day to pay the Node operators in Tether or any Cryptocurrency which is available

Or did I miss a important fact that düthe Storj token is mandatory to operate the Network itself?

The discount is eaten by the Gas fees

this is why the STORJ bonus exists, to help with the gas fees, and if the customer deposits bigger amounts of STORJ less often rather than the minimum amount just to pay one month of usage, they will end up with a real discount, as not all of the bonus will be used for gas fees in sending their transaction to Storj.