Any idea about recent price spike?

As in subject. If anyone have insider news pls share :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not following.
Price spike of what?

Spike of Storj price.

Well, who knows? Cryptocurrency is a volatile game… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Maybe that customer who was doing performance tests in the last weeks is now buying large amounts of tokens for future use :slight_smile:

SEC rule: Section 16 prohibits insiders from making short-swing profits by trading their shares within 6 months of the registration or acquiring the shares .

And if you want to do that pls buy twitter…


getting profit :smiley:

It is a large amount of storj, what does it mean?

Why would you send these huge amounts to a binance address?

usually is not a great news in crypto ecosystem. exit exchanges is positive news

+100% in 30days… still going


It’s all voodoo anyway. It’ll crash again eventually and so the rollercoaster goes on… :man_shrugging:t2:

Please explain how a deposit to an exchange by Storj Labs when the price had already risen on Oct 2, 2023 should somehow be the cause of the next price rise, considering STORJ price actually went down over the following days before rising higher again? Note that Storj Labs discloses all their Token movements in the Token Flow Reports, and observes a strict blackout policy that prohibits any Storj Labs Employee from trading before, during and after important events such as Townhall announcements.

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I don’t think they are suggesting that the Storj Labs deposits caused any price rise.
As you commented, there is always a price drop after these deposits (why? :D), so they are suggesting the opposite. :crystal_ball:

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My issue is why did this user decide to mention this when the subject of this thread is - what is the reason for the recent Spike in price, not for a drop. It seems obvious that selling will lead to drops, and buying will lead to rise in price. STORJ is a utility token, not to be considered as an investment vehicle. Price will move up and down in response to buy and sell pressure. Every time there is a significant change in price, someone will again post a similar thread to this one. It seems like we have exhausted the subject by now.


In a relative flat market is interesting to understand why storj is going to overperform entire market. Spotonchain can help in this case to deep analyze the nature of the movement. We are trying to understand if this growing trend is something of speculative or not.

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Anyways, it’s really easy to predict massives sells and price dumps due to Storj Labs selling massively.

Almost 10M STORJ sent to Binance in the last month. It seems someone is taking the bait easily.

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What is the newest token flow report? I tried to search them up but I only found old ones.
Thanks in advance

All Token Flow reports are posted on our Blog, here is the latest one STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q2 2023