Any MSP using Storj?

Wondering, if any MSP’s are using Storj to upload clients enterprise data. I am researching risks involved and once in a blue moon chances of loosing data. For example, loosing encyption keys or Aliens attacking Storj :slight_smile: . Would like to understand, risks invloved and what would I need to do in-order to keep my clients data safe.

Background: I want to bring a lot of enterprise data to Storj. Although, I feel its expensive to download :slight_smile: , but corporates will not mind as long as data is secure and decentralized. Since, I am not a programer etc, I rely on staff to get the job done. In order to sell Storj to enterprise customers. I am trying to understand the product and also doing my due diligence.


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Does it mean Microsoft Sertified Professionals ?

Managed Service Providers. (Folks who provide IT services to Corporates)

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NO, for good reasons. I had the same questions about AWS 10+ years ago.

For SMB clients I would use this as possibly 1 extra layer of backup but we currently use Wasabi for client NAS backups with good success.

Yes, we do. And we also do special pricing for larger volumes of data. Happy to talk more about it. Just DM me your email.

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@super3 Sounds like plan. Will do.