Any plan for distributed computation?

is there any plan to go beyond storage and expand into distributed computation?


Our main product - the decentralized end-to-end encrypted S3-compatible cloud storage.
The distributed computation is something completely different and requires an additional team for implementation.

I know such distributed (unfortunately insecure) cloud computation projects:

  • Akash network (k8s-based).
  • SONM fog computing (own containers implementation, can accept docker images).
  • Flux Decentralized Web 3.0 The Next Generation Computational Network

And potentially secure distributed decentralized computation:


As an addendum to your post… for further reading or those interested in blockchains…

Here’s a link to the Bloxberg Research blockchain that Ethernity Cloud run on:

Any reasons for not mentioning Golem?

The Golem thread got locked due to being off topic for the Storj forum.

Being the blockchain fan that I am… I was simply adding a little bit of additional information on one of the blockchains mentioned in this thread.

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I would also mention