Any plans for adding ability to check previous months periods stats [GUI]

Just found today 1 Dec, that I don’t have access to my previous month (November) stats.

Would be nice to keep a local record of these for consultation, and an archiving function to keep a record for longer periods.


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You can get an estimate of your earnings as well as previous months stats from the earnings calculator. As of now you can’t archive it but you can save that in excel.

Yep, I would not like to have to jump on another tool for this.

I think it also makes it “logical” to have the data kept between periods (cached or stored, whatever makes more sense).

Cached here, means if my cache is evicted/lost I can get the data from somewhere else again.
Stored here, means I am the only accountable for keeping that information.

@forykw if you want you can describe your idea on Ideas Storj


The data is there. Your node keeps that information in local db’s which I use in the earnings calculator @nerdatwork linked to. What’s missing is API functionality to expose that to the dashboard and other external tools. Storj may implement that at some point, but it’s not there now. So in the mean time we have to resort to using community maintained tools. For what it’s worth, I do my best to keep that thing up to date and stable even though Storj has released updates several times that break it. So far I’ve been able to release a fix within 2 days of a Storj update.