Any recommends for a reasonable host specs?

As I can get access to a very impressive discounts with some public cloud providers. So, I’m planning to open several testing hosts mining on Storj.

But I’m quite confused on what configurations to go on. I didn’t find a guide on topics like what IOPS to use, storage size / bandwidth proportions and etc.

Any recommends for a reasonable host configuration specs?

Hey @fhmily, welcome to the forums!

Hosting a storage node doesn’t have very high requirements of most hardware. A decent fairly modern CPU should run it just fine. And 4GB RAM is plenty. Many SNO’s run their nodes on Raspberry Pi’s. I personally run mine on a NAS. IO is a little more important, but mostly in the sense that you should avoid SMR hardware and not use network storage like NFS or SMB.

What will directly impact your earnings, is bandwidth (to a certain point) and how much storage space you can share. There is an official earnings estimator, but you can pretty much skip it as it doesn’t give you a realistic estimate. You can find it here:
However, I suggest you ignore that one, as I made an alternative estimator which uses traffic patterns we see on the actual network right now to make a much more realistic prediction. You can find that one in this topic.
More realistic earnings estimator


If you want to rent a VPS only to run a storagenode, you should stop right there. It will never be profitable. Only use hardware which runs anyway for other purposes. I have ~8TB data shared at the moment and will make just over $20 this month. Keep in mind it will take a long time to fill this amount and at the beginning most will be held in escrow.


Yes, I actually wanted to say that, but forgot to mention it. Generally Storj is trying to provide a cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting like that. And they also take a cut. So I doubt you can make it profitable. But I think you now have the tools provided to find that out yourself.

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Thanks for your explain.

I get it, Storj is built on the idea of taking advantage of idle resources from current hardware. In order to provide cheaper hosting to the market by

But I’m a bit curious that the price on tardigrade seems not that competitive to me. If considering performance and discounts you can get from cloud providers.

So are there any good cases on the demand side which I could look into?

Some use cases you can find right on the
Other - in the

Can you elaborate, which cloud provider can give you more interesting price storage and bandwidth with client-side encryption, multi-zone storage and SLA?