Any way to limit the number of connections or speed on the uplink?

Today I needed to transfer a large file (100GB) between two computers and did not want to set up a direct connection, so, I thought I have some free resources on my account, might as well use Tardigrade for something else besides just testing.
However, once I started the upload with the uplink, it went full speed (700mbps or so) and crashed the network card of the router in that location. I tried it again after rebooting the router - same result. Finally I just used scp to copy the file to some server and it went fine.

The crash of the network card is not the fault of Tardigrade, however, it would be nice to be able to limit the number of connections or the speed in such occasions. Yes, I know, I could use tc to do that on the machine itself, but that assumes that the same machine does not have other processes that should not be limited or that I want to create filters just for this. Also, there is no tc on Windows. I sometimes use the speed limit setting of rsync, I think that the uplink would be better if it had that feature.
Or maybe it does and I just couldn’t find it.

If you use rclone for copy/move/sync/mount you can use the --bwlimit option

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@Pentium100 Did have you any success or have you tried @Derkades suggestion?

I looked at it, found that it seems that it does not support Storj/Tardigrade directly and kinda put it aside.

The storj fork of rclone does. It’s not merged yet, but you can compile it yourself. There used to be instructions on but I can’t find it anymore.