Anyone else having trouble with Windows Identity Binary?

Hello- Just got my auth token and excited to set up an 8TB node with gigabit fiber up/downlink.
Only problem is, I can’t get past the syntax in the cmd shell to run the identity key.
One big thing I noticed: The file for the windows and MacOs Identity binaries are the Same, from the same place on github: identity_darwin_amd64.
Did I get the wrong file? What is the Windows Identity Binary filename and location?
…Doh! it was just an incorrect link in the intro tutorial. The file is located thusly:
Hope this helps another noob like me!!
Also: in windows you don’t need the ./
Just navigate to the directory and execute:
identity_windows_amd64.exe create storagenode

You need the ./ in powershell, but not in cmd.


Thanks for that, for myself and hopefully for others. My primary purpose here was to call attention to the link misdirect for windows users.

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Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I would fix it if I could, but one of the storjlings will have to do that.

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Added note to the documentation, thank you for heads up!


Thank you! I’m on my way now!!