Anyone experience with Synology SSD Cache? Does it bring anything here?

Okay understood. Thanks!

Anyone experience with Synology SSD Cache? Does it bring anything here? Don’t think that 1ms to 2ms less write time will really make a difference to win over other nodes?

In my experience it actually helps quite a bit. Every transfer requires a few additional small writes to the sqlite databases as well as writing relatively small pieces to disk. All of that can be much faster with an SSD cache. You should see some improvements. That said, it’s definitely not worth it to buy an SSD cache for Storj alone.

Btw, I’m not sure which model you have, but I’m fairly certain you didn’t have to turn off the node or the Synology to add drives and then add the SSD cache. All of that should be possible on a hot system.
This may also be a good time to remove or rename your log file so you can start with a fresh log and measure performance with this new setup. Your success rate will probably go up since your setup and I believe your location is very similar to mine.

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Thanks for the insights!
I have a DS1019+ … so I have the feeling it goes a bit better but as per your note did not delete the logs.
Talking about logs: Do you keep them in the docker / so not write to file so they delete when an update comes out? Or is it better to output them? I’m talking performance, not storage / and that it’s better to keep them so you can check later :slight_smile:
And something else I’ve noticed:

RAM shows in docker 5.23 GB where as RAM usage shows 956 MB… also in my resource manager it doesnt show the high number:

Any idea why that is?

I output my logs to a file, easier to manage. Shouldn’t make a difference in performance. But I tend to rename the file every month so I have recent stats or when something significant changes in my setup

I think you may be using an older version of docker that still displays wrong memory numbers. You can see actual usage on the processes tab of the container info. After a stumbling earlier release it is now also safe to update to the latest version on Synology, but safely stop your node before you do.

Thanks - yeah might output logs to a files then at some point / when the next update comes so I dont go through one hour of AUDITS again :slight_smile:
For Docker: I have the latest version running (also updated once watchtower worked again with the latest)… so must be something else?

I’m not entirely certain the latest update fixed that. Ram has not been an issue for me at all with v3 so I haven’t looked at it since updating a while ago. Don’t worry about it, Synology is behind on docker versions and this is a known issue with docker on old versions.

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Got ya… let’s see when the next update comes… real RAM consumption looks fine, so it’s more a display error from docker.