¿anyone getting this month payments?

I have not been payed since november 2020 and currently have 47,18$ holding.

I think is more than enought to meet the minimum payment.

but day 4 and still nothing has come to my wallet

¿any news,anyone has been paid?


Yup just got my payout (plus the previous 2 months) a few moments ago.

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Got paid too a moment ago. I guess a lot of people will get paid this month. My transaction fee was ~$5.


I got my payout today around 4pm (GMT-5). It was for Jan and Feb. Transaction fee was $5-$6

That is expected. If we would run the payout earlier you might not get your full payout.

On the 2th storage nodes can still submit order that are up to 48 hours old. These orders can increase the payou for the previous month.

Rollup is running every 24 hours. On the 3rd rollup might not have been executed for these last minute order.

The 4th is the earliest day that allowes us to calulate an accurate payout.


received payment 2 days ago.