Anyone knows exchange Exolix?

According to web page: Exolix is a fully anonymous platform because our team is completely committed to the idea of anonymity in the cryptocurrency world. We don’t require any personal data to complete an exchange.

There are a LOT of fraudulent websites out there. So always be careful.

I have no idea if that particular website is trustworthy or not. However, it looks quite suspicious. The landing page looks copied from other websites… and the Statistics show a total of 370 trades in the last 24 hours. This is so tiny that it could easily have been a two person team just sending each other tokens… or just made up.

If one is looking for an anonymous DEX… Uniswap is quite good and has a good reputation:

Disclaimer: I’m a little biased due to the recent airdrop of UNI tokens which was like winning the lottery.

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I don’t know exolix but, as @beast suggested, I would recommend you to use uniswap! Very easy to use, decentralized and a god damn good product.

I’m a little biased too since I took advantage of the airdrop too ^^ but would have definitely done it either without airdrop (and already did before actually).

They even have a tweet about how you shouldn’t be worried about receiving your moniez:

So you should be worried.

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I just chose some random coins from the list, entered some bs values that can’t be addresses of any sort - the website didn’t validate the entered addresses und now wants me to send 1 BTC to their wallet :slight_smile:

So yeah, obvious scam, do not use that service.