Anyone managed to exchange STORJ tokens to something else ? Mewconnect doesn't work!

Mewconnect/MyEtherWallet was recommended when I start running V3 a long time ago. I currently have $186 in STORJ tokens in the wallet. BUT It’s not possible to exchange them in any way. Mewconnect use changelly to do the excahange from STORJ to Bitcoin but it’s not working, I get a long error message in a pop-up window and get the choice to send the error to their support which I’ve done several times.

I’ve talked to Mewconnect support but they blame changelly and changelly support more or less give me the finger.

So … with all the thousands of SNOs how do you get the STORJ you earn in to a real coin or cash in the pocket ?

I’m thinking about pulling the plug because why put time and electricity in to something that don’t give anything back more than a useless token.


via Changelly… within the last 24 hours.

Some of the more common token exchange sites have recently required users to create an account in response to regulatory pressure probably breaking MyEtherWallet’s exchange interface… But I could be wrong.

So if I create an account at changelly it might work ?

Worked well for me… However, in doing so, you are revealing something about yourself other than your wallet address. I suppose if you really wanted to remain mostly anonymous, you could use a throw away email address from one of those not-so-above-board one-time-use email websites… but then you’re taking your chances on losing track of the transaction.

I created an changelly account but it did not make any difference. This is the very informative error message from MEWconnect:
{"exception":{"values":[{"type":"Error","value":"Returned error: Insufficient funds. The account you tried to send transaction from does not have enough funds. Required 776280000000000 and got: 0.","stacktrace":{"frames":[{"colno":645294,"filename":"","function":"HTMLDivElement.r","in_app":true,"lineno":259},{"colno":51770,"filename":"","function":"HTMLDivElement.i._wrapper","in_app":true,"lineno":44},{"colno":13484,"filename":"","function":"HTMLDivElement.n","in_app":true,"lineno":44},{"colno":11664,"filename":"","function":"nt","in_app":true,"lineno":44},{"colno":2576286,"filename":"","function":"click","in_app":true,"lineno":1},{"colno":2580731,"filename":"","function":"a.sendTx","in_app":true,"lineno":1},{"colno":2601194,"filename":"","function":"a.sendTx","in_app":true,"lineno":1},{"colno":201272,"filename":"","function":"a.<anonymous>","in_app":true,"lineno":1},{"colno":453393,"filename":"","function":"M.n","in_app":true,"lineno":205},{"colno":134836,"filename":"","function":"i","in_app":true,"lineno":196},{"colno":45456,"filename":"","function":"new N","in_app":true,"lineno":290},{"colno":52411,"filename":"","function":"N._resolveFromExecutor","in_app":true,"lineno":290},{"colno":21744,"filename":"","function":"N.W [as _captureStackTrace]","in_app":true,"lineno":290},{"colno":197375,"filename":"","function":"?","in_app":true,"lineno":1},{"colno":146556,"filename":"","function":"?","in_app":true,"lineno":22},{"colno":570737,"filename":"","function":"Object.ErrorResponse","in_app":true,"lineno":205}]},"mechanism":{"handled":true,"type":"generic"}}]},"level":"error","event_id":"ec4af0ddfcf24b96aabf7264f90038ef","platform":"javascript","sdk":{"name":"sentry.javascript.browser","packages":[{"name":"npm:@sentry/browser","version":"5.9.1"}],"version":"5.9.1","integrations":["InboundFilters","FunctionToString","TryCatch","Breadcrumbs","GlobalHandlers","LinkedErrors","UserAgent","Vue"]},"environment":"web","release":"5.2.5-hotfix.1","request":{"url":"","headers":{"User-Agent":"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/78.0.3904.108 Safari/537.36"}},"tags":{"network":"","service":"","walletType":""}}



Never show again

You’ll need to perform the transaction directly on the Changelly website.

I use Atomic Wallet… They removed the STORJ/ETH exchange pair. I suppose MyEtherWallet left the exchange pairs as active, but I guess they don’t work…

Of course… as with all things Crypto, check and double the addresses before hitting “send”


BTW: Do have any ETH in your MEW wallet? If not, that may explain the “insufficient funds” error. STORJ is an ERC-20 token. The exchange contract requires ETH in order to process the on-chain transaction.

I have no eth in that wallet, only STORJ …

Then you have to buy ETH to be able to change from storj to the coin of choise

I am confused, STORJ is traded on multiple exchanges including binance, etc.

Is there a problem trading STORJ on any one of those?

A regular crypto exchange typically requires:

  1. An account.
  2. Fees on deposits
  3. Fees on withdrawals
  4. KYC
  5. Minimum deposit
  6. Minimum withdraw

This is a lot of overhead for crypto newbies or those who just don’t want to go through all the hoops.

Until very recently, it was simple to exchange relatively small token quantities without needing to deposit those funds into a KYC-ed exchange. Yes… of course… Changelly and other DEX-es have a rather unfavorable exchange rate… but the convenience was nice. And the fees on the regular exchanges are really priced for large volumes anyway.

Is there any information about the removal of STORJ from atomic? In the wallet it says “temporary” but on their website it got removed…
Would hate to have to buy some ETH just to move and convert STORJ…

Any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires payment in the blockchain’s native coin… ETH.

So, if someone wishes to move STORJ or convert STORJ, there is a requirement to pay in ETH. Transaction fees are not very high. $1.00 USD in ETH should pay for several transactions. However, it’s not easy to acquire such a low amount of ETH to start the process.

As I’ve written in another thread somewhere, one method to acquiring a small amount ETH is to download and install Brave Browser … activate Brave Rewards … KYC with Uphold … and then watch ads for a month.

You can then withdraw your ad watching proceeds as ETH instead of BAT. You will pay a very large percentage fee… however, your wallet will now have enough ETH to pay for the STORJ to ETH transaction process. So, you will only need to do this once. And from that point forward, you shouldn’t need to worry about the low level of ETH required for transaction payments.

Luckily the eth fee is very small and I still have 0.50$ of ETH in the wallet :smiley: So guess I’m good if I want to move my STORJ.

But I’m still wondering if the in-wallet exchange of STORJ will be available again at some point because I couldn’t find any announcement about STORJ being removed as a trading pair inside Atomic.

The in-wallet exchange interface is a convenience…

You can perform transactions or exchanges using the wallet’s addresses directly in the Changelly web interface… or, you can import the private key for the Ethereum portion of your wallet into a browser based wallet such as Metamask

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Now I gone through the whole process exchanging a little bitcoin for eth and send them to my mewconnect wallet. Now it works exchanging STORJ to Bitcoin from Mewconnect.
It had been so very easy for the mewconnect people to improve the error handling and just give a message saying that I got to have a little eth to exchange the STORJ.

Thanks for the help here!

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You may want to:

  1. Mark this as solved using the above post so people reading along know right away that having a zero ETH balance was the problem.
  2. File a bug report with MyEtherWallet indicating that the error message was not helpful in determining what the actual problem was…

easy just use and change your storJ into whatever you wish

It’s a DEX. The “exchange fee” is listed as 0.5 % …

Pretty much all the various DEX-es are the same. There’s a seemingly low exchange fee, but the exchange rate is unfavorable. This means the DEX makes its profit via arbitrage… which is fine.

However, it’s very likely that regulatory controls are soon going remove any “privacy-respecting” DEX-es. It’s also possible that using a particular DEX may technically be illegal depending on where you live even within the same country. For example, NY State has banned its residents from trading in certain crypto currencies and on certain exchanges… but other States don’t have those bans in place.

Hey @seanr22a,

I also started with MEWconnect, because this seemed to be the only with Mobile App (I like this).
But I am already using TrustWallet, so I just use that. Since Storj uses ERC-20 token you’ll be fine, from the TrustWallet you need a little ETH gas to put your Storj tokens to where you want (Or just keep them in your trustwallet).
So basically you’ll be fine as long as your using an ERC-20 address on a corresponding wallet.