Anyone running a node on Starlink?

I’ve had an email from Elon lol inviting me to try starlink beta in the UK.
I’m not sure to go ahead with it as its fairly expensive for the equipment and the monthly fee for using it. They are offering between 50mb to 150mb bothways and a 20-40ms latency. The speed at even the slower end is more than my fibre to cabinet speed i’m currently getting. What i’m concerned about is how reliable it is regarding drop outs and whether i’d need to balance this out with my current connection on my dual wan setup (obviously increasing my costs).

You should be more worried if your Starlink router supports ipv4 port forwarding


Yeah this looks like an issue. Although you can add an external more capable router. It looks like there are some specific issues routing ipv4 through their servers. i might have to go down my original thoughts of asking an engineer come to my home to do a 5G external antenna test to add dual wan to my home. At the end of the day i must also keep my son happy on his Xbox.

I believe Starlink currently uses CG-NAT, which makes it unsuitable for running a node.
Eventually they will deploy Internet-facing IPv6 addresses but these are also currently unsuitable. Latency will probably mean that you’ll lose most of the “races” to upload shards so the performance will likely be affected.

Also, Starlink is currently in beta. Throughput and latencies will vary wildly and there will almost certainly be intermittent drops in service.
I’d hang fire if I were you.

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To be fair to them they were quite honest in the email regarding possible outages. The issue i’ve got is while i don’t live in a rural area BT openreach are really slow expanding the fibre network and for obvious reasons are mainly concentrating more urban areas. Also i supposedly live in a 5G area and my network provide unlimited data caps but because of the geographic location of my house your lucky if you get 4g. I feel due to the usage of my households internet use we are now coming to the max of the 36d 6u connection and i’m looking for alternatives or something to complement what i’ve already got. I’m currently at the max available for my line.

If your planning to get starlink for your storagenode well its probably not a good idea in general because it wouldn’t pay for itself and the internet costs. Its still cheaper to use local ISPs over starlink just for the fact its to new of a product and its not made for this kinda use.

I’d be concerned with the latency. Winning races with that level of latency won’t help. Anyone got any thoughts on that?

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I appreciate everything said regarding the node side and costings. The costings alone are enough if i’m honest to put me off at this stage. But i am at a point at where ignoring the profit the node makes me (been running nodes since v2) i’ve got to consider either adding 5g wireless internet that may not work with out paying for advice from an engineer before purchasing or having a second Poor fibre line installed probably at considerable upfront cost and subject to availability at the cabinet and i do know that the on going monthly cost through my current supplied would actually cost me more at £60 a month extra. I feel one way or another its going to cost. I’m just juggling ideas at the moment.