Anyway to have Uplink Gateway expose to internet?

i was thinking to become an uplink gateway facing internet rather then running a separate uplink gateway on local machine.

can we have 1 machine on data center have uplink setup and facing internet while i have my client pointing to that uplink to perform upload?

or are there any better suggestion?

You can deploy a gateway somewhere in the internet. Do you need help with the configuration?

i was reading this …

A download can become a chargeable event for 2 times the actual file size if the gateway is running on another cloud provider. We recommend interfacing with the network directly through the Uplink Library.

trying to make sense to this… how will it be 2 times charge ?

It depends on where you deploy your gateway. Keep in mind that the gateway will have ingress and egress traffic and depending on where you run it that might get expensive.

I was planning to run on my data center. While my remote server can point to it in remote office.
I still can’t really get the idea where Ingress and Egress bandwidth utilization usage…

I think the meaning is: If you deploy the gateway at a cloud hosting where you also have to pay for traffic you’ll be charged twice. Once for the traffic to the gateway (cloud hoster) and another time for the traffic to the storj network.

thats probably true if i put in azure or AWS…
over at my datacenter, we got unmetered 100Mbps bandwidth… i guess that should still be ok.
furthermore, we do have SNO of 1TB there too …

so just to conclude, it should be ok to put a internet facing gateway as we dont have bandwidth restriction here… only bandwidth which is going to the storj network will be taken count …

Yes, that should be no problem at all.

Keep in mind that if multiple end users/systems will use this gateway it can become a bottleneck as everything needs to run through this server. You miss out on the bandwidth advantages of having every individual system connect to the nodes directly for transfers.

The warning indeed refers to situations where the server running the gateway would be charged for bandwidth. Since that’s not the case in your scenario, you don’t need to worry about that.

is there any guide to setup the gateway to face the public IP? i cant seem to find the command to change to x.x.x.x:7777.

any guide would be great :slight_smile:

Gateway run --help

That will print out the available options

just wondering… is it me or the uplink gateway binary is missing?

hi @zhiYuan what behavior are you seeing? are you able to access Uplink CLI · storj/storj Wiki · GitHub ?

If you mean the self-hosted S3 compatible Gateway: Releases · storj/gateway-st · GitHub