Ap1.storj.io has extremely low online percentage

Not too sure what’s causing it. Everything else is solid and I have 97%+ uptime for everything else. Over the past few days its dropped from 10% to 5% and my node has 150 hours up time at the moment. I’m not sure this really matters much but is it worth fixing?



100 %


100 %


5.72 %

Seems something blocking access to/from this satellite, it may be your firewall, antivirus or ISP.
You may check when your node was not available:

I’m not sure. It’s odd that it wouldn’t be 0% if something was blocking the traffic. It was at about 30% last month and a few power outages dropped it down some. Maybe my latency to that server is just really high, hard to say.

I’ve had sats randomly drop significantly for no apparent reason. They have always recovered though. I’ve only ever seen them as low as 30% while all others are 99+%. No idea why so I’m a bit curious about the issue.

To fully recover your node should be 30 days online. Each downtime requires another 30 days online to recover.
The latency could be an issue, that’s true.

ap1.storj.io has an average of 163ms
us2.storj.io has an average of 42ms
eu1.storj.io has an average of 96ms

I assume this is my issue with ap1 having 5% online time. All other servers are 97% or higher.