Api documentation


I’m looking for api documentation.
In particular I would like to know how to read “current monthly earnings”.

I know about:
Is there anything else?

Thank you.

The only available documentation is posted here:

But you can checkout GitHub:

So, the endpoint for estimation is http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout
The example for PowerShell:

((curl http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout).Content | ConvertFrom-Json).currentMonth

And for bash

curl -sL http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout | jq '.currentMonth'

You need to divide the result for .payout, .held, .egressBandwidthPayout, .egressRepairAuditPayout, .diskSpacePayout to 100.00 to see them in $, not cents.


Thank you very much Alexey!
I really appreciate your support!

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Hey Alexey! I tried those payoutstubs links and I am getting weird numbers in response like those from one of the satellites:

    "compPutRepair": 0,
    "compGetAudit": 15,
    "surgePercent": 0,
    "held": 2006182,
    "owed": 6018547,
    "disposed": 0,
    "paid": 6018547,
    "distributed": 12528337

Tried to sum all satellites to check if anything adds up, and it seems that it works with one important notice…
(it adds up to like $15M for one of my node… I hope that I don’t have to pay tax on that hahaha

After careful checking out - those numbers need to be divided by 1’000’000 (1M) to arrive with correct $value - at least for payoutstubs

As said in the Storage node dashboard API (v1.3.3)

you need to divide money-related numbers to 1,000,000.00

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Thank you.

Last question…(I hope) - I’m building a little to test my node.

How can I check the status via API? Is it?
in :14002/api/sno/
Does it mean that my node last time was available at 2021-08-31T21:44:50.8941457+01:00
Is this ping regular?

Thank you.

you unlikely get more definitive answer than there Status Online is it from api/sno
yes, this is time when the satellites saw your node last time. There is no specific schedule, your node should check-in on the satellites regularly.

storagenode setup --help | grep contact

API broken?
When I enter /api/notifications/list I get

{"error":"consoleapi notifications: strconv.ParseUint: parsing \"\": invalid syntax"}

But I believe it should work:

Perhaps the list just empty.

Let me check…

No, it is not empty.

Currently list endpoint also expects limit and page query arguments as well. i.e. this should work (although, I didn’t test it)


Although, it would be probably better if it defaulted to some value or provide a better error message. Anyways created an issue for tracking it storagenode/console/consoleapi: list endpoint arguments page and limit should be optional · Issue #6865 · storj/storj · GitHub


Great. While 0 does not work:
{"error":"consoleapi notifications: notificationsdb: page can not be 0"}

But 1 does. So it is not broken and I can see the notifications now.

Hopefully, we can eventually migrate console api to apigen generator, which should give us better documentation and also make it clearer what’s expected. In addition to a stable JS/TS client interfaces.