Api documentation


I’m looking for api documentation.
In particular I would like to know how to read “current monthly earnings”.

I know about:
Is there anything else?

Thank you.

The only available documentation is posted here:

But you can checkout GitHub:

So, the endpoint for estimation is http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout
The example for PowerShell:

((curl http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout).Content | ConvertFrom-Json).currentMonth

And for bash

curl -sL http://localhost:14002/api/sno/estimated-payout | jq '.currentMonth'

You need to divide the result for .payout, .held, .egressBandwidthPayout, .egressRepairAuditPayout, .diskSpacePayout to 100.00 to see them in $, not cents.


Thank you very much Alexey!
I really appreciate your support!

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Hey Alexey! I tried those payoutstubs links and I am getting weird numbers in response like those from one of the satellites:

    "compPutRepair": 0,
    "compGetAudit": 15,
    "surgePercent": 0,
    "held": 2006182,
    "owed": 6018547,
    "disposed": 0,
    "paid": 6018547,
    "distributed": 12528337

Tried to sum all satellites to check if anything adds up, and it seems that it works with one important notice…
(it adds up to like $15M for one of my node… I hope that I don’t have to pay tax on that hahaha

After careful checking out - those numbers need to be divided by 1’000’000 (1M) to arrive with correct $value - at least for payoutstubs

As said in the Storage node dashboard API (v1.3.3)

you need to divide money-related numbers to 1,000,000.00

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Thank you.

Last question…(I hope) - I’m building a little to test my node.

How can I check the status via API? Is it?
in :14002/api/sno/
Does it mean that my node last time was available at 2021-08-31T21:44:50.8941457+01:00
Is this ping regular?

Thank you.

you unlikely get more definitive answer than there Status Online is it from api/sno
yes, this is time when the satellites saw your node last time. There is no specific schedule, your node should check-in on the satellites regularly.

storagenode setup --help | grep contact