Is the info in node address /api/sno/estimated-payout
Correct it seems high ???

This is an estimate but should be quite accurate, it’s listed in USD cents.

It can fluctuate if the egress fluctuates wildly.

Wait Cents would this 15.600000000000001
Be 15 dollars or cents

Because if it’s 15 cents this might be another place (including suspension) where the wording could be better

It should match the dashboard…for example…



My egress payout on API says 15.600000000000001##is this $or cents
But dashboard has no 15

Any payout amount is listed in cents.

Ok then it makes it look different in the month egress in the API but thank you

So the 15 here is cents ?


Yes, 15.61 cents.

For me:


@Stob Ahh ok thanks now i have the solution for others who ask there are a few posts about this by other users with out solution i don’t know if some people realise that it’s cents