Application Dashboard for Local Nodes

Hi all

I made some agrigation Dashboard application that can show you all your nodes data.
It work only on windows, colect from nodes dashboards data.
Any ideas are welcomed.


Hi good job, I can use it on Synology NAS ?

program run on windows, but if you nas sharing dashboard to local, then yes

Hello Vadim,

thanks a lot for your contribution.

I have downloaded your application: how do I start it?

did you downloded code or relise? in relise you find binary .exe file

Great work! I’m definitely going to try this when I get home.

Just out of curiosity, why do you have 5 nodes on one system?

Because i have 5 HDD and it is recomended to have 1 hdd per node, All nodes have own external IP, so they are separate nodes.


In futura i think i will try to make monitoring software for windows from this app, and connect it with discord, then a can monitor my nodes from my phone.

Id like to know how you have 5 different external IPs on the same computer?

You don’t need five different IPs. You can expose the nodes using different ports on the same IP.

On same external ip all nodes will look like 1 node and devide data between all nodes behind this ip, i use proxys.

But how do you do that with only one internal ip you can’t assign a different proxy for each node with only one internal ip tho. What kinda trickery are you able to do to beable to assign a proxy to each node. My server needs 7 internal network cards with windows server 2019 running in order to achieve this.

no need, i have 4 external ip, from them port is routed to my external ip:port, in config there is proxy ip:port then all nodes looks like different external ip.

Oh ok I see what your doing your connecting your nodes to a proxy first then forwarding it I’m thinking more complicated. I was thinking external ip from isp.

Well, I appreciate you’re being open about cleverly circumventing the system. :wink:

You should probably realize though that this is not in line with the intention of how this should work. Since you’re merely masking a single point of failure across all nodes. Such a setup should be sharing the same traffic.


This restriction not giving people to make money on existing harware, in my opinion it should change, what satelite should not to do just not send more than 1 pice of file to 1 ip. And all will be fine. Use 1 HDD per PC not profitable at all. SNO is people who want make some profit. I have fiber connection and UPS here to lower posible problems.

This restriction is made by a reason. We don’t want to have a one point of failure.
If your PC will be offline for any reason or data is completely lost, the customers will not be happy

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if someone node go offline, thay anyway will be not hapy. And if i know i loosing profit, i will reacting faster, I building now real time monitoring softare, it will give me information very fast to my phone.

I disagree that this restriction should change. Perhaps it should be upgraded to catch these kinds of workarounds, but the restriction is necessary to prevent people from spinning up hundreds of nodes on the same hardware just to get a larger piece of the pie. This leads to centralization and single points of failure in the network. Luckily a workaround relying on getting multiple external IP’s is not simple to do for most people, so I’m guessing your method has a limited impact. And even more luckily, this is not my battle to fight. I was just pointing out something you should probably be aware of so you can make your own decisions regarding your setup while having all information available.


Satelitse are the most bigest singl point of failure today.