Application Dashboard for Local Nodes

Hi all

I made some agrigation Dashboard application that can show you all your nodes data.
It work only on windows, colect from nodes dashboards data.
Any ideas are welcomed.

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Hi good job, I can use it on Synology NAS ?

program run on windows, but if you nas sharing dashboard to local, then yes

Hello Vadim,

thanks a lot for your contribution.

I have downloaded your application: how do I start it?

did you downloded code or relise? in relise you find binary .exe file

Great work! Iā€™m definitely going to try this when I get home.

Just out of curiosity, why do you have 5 nodes on one system?

Because i have 5 HDD and it is recomended to have 1 hdd per node, All nodes have own external IP, so they are separate nodes.


In futura i think i will try to make monitoring software for windows from this app, and connect it with discord, then a can monitor my nodes from my phone.