Archived Orders - STORJ optimization

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when I copy over the content of a Node to a new drive it is at first copying the archived-orders over. This is a tedious task which can take up many minutes. Are these archived-orders needed for anything? Is there some way to delete them or not letting them even grow?

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The orders/archive folder is auto-cleaned. It should only keep 7 days worth of files. If the content is more than 7 days old then it can be deleted.

But is there some way to decrease the day amount or turn it off completely? Just asking to avoid more data.

How many kB are they using? Is it worth your time?

./storagenode setup --help | sls orders.archive

      --storage2.orders.archive-ttl duration                     length of time to archive orders before deletion
(default 168h0m0s)

On my node its around 840 files and 555 MB. I was just wondering :point_down:

Why keep them archived for 7 days if a single order expires after 2 hours ?

Should be this:

Then I try to remove the hashtag and lower the time. Like nerdatwork I really don’t know why to keep them 7 days.

Edit: Actually the change is kinda great to implement because all you gonna do is to modify the config.yaml and then restart the container. No need to recreate the container which would be tedious.

I got here a node with 504 files and a total sitze of 595 MB. Now I reduce the time to 24h and see how it will decrease.

It went down to 75 files and 80,4 MB. So yes 500 MB of gain is kinda worth it.

The order expires after 24h (was 48h)

Thank you for that. I found the post explaining that in detail. The 2 hours I mentioned were for unsubmitted orders while orders do expire after 24 hours.

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For what are the archived-orders good? I still didn’t understand it. I thought all the payment data lies at the sattelite.

On case if you want to check the correctness of submitted orders.
It also could help to troubleshoot bugs, if they could be introduced. With a default setting of 7 days it’s perhaps possible to re-do them (I’m not sure, though).
@littleskunk what do you think?