Are helium filed HDDs louder?

I am building a new node right now from cheap as dirt old equipment and i am in the process of deciding which used hdd to put inside.
I had a good experience with 8Tb WD purple. It’s a good air filled old-fashioned hdd, quite enough to stand in my bedroom. Also i have a node with Toshiba X300 10Tb. But it is located in unmanned building so i dont give a f how loud it is.

I wonder are heilum filled HDDs as quite as their air-filled brothers. All these 12+Tb WD Purple, Red, Gold. All these enterprise level HGST?

The whole idea of helium is to reduce friction. This is done to enable more platters closer together, but friction with air is also what produces sound. So helium should be quieter in general. There are many other factors for noise levels though. If you care about noise, check reviews.


Ok personal Experience here, I have a modified dell R210 II, if you don’t know what that is its a rack mountable server that is loud.

I have it in the same room as I am and where I sleep, I ripped out all the fans as the CPU is Low power Xeon and never exceeds 55C, as for the HDD I use a single 40mm fan from noctua at 100% cant even hear it from 0.5m away.

As for the HDD I tried 2 thus far in this system. One 8tb Air classic filled and one 12tb helium filled. The Air one I could hear to my bead approx. 3m away when falling asleep would drive me nuts. After I replaced it with the 12tb Helium filled I cannot hear it at all. Well ok maybe on the occasion. when the city is supper quiet. But otherwise I cant hear it at all.

NOTE I live on 5th floor in a city and I can barely hear the street we have good insulation. If I wear you I would go for the Helium filled one. Less power draw, less heat produced and silent. I use seagate exos drives and already have 3 of them. (not sponsored, would love tho LOL)