Are my Storj Tokens save on zkSync?

Are my Storj tokens save on zkSync? So it is as Long the Ethereum Blockchain exist possible to move it to L1 ?

Or is there a risk like no liquidity? or is every Storj Token on zkSync Backed by a Storj Token on L1 ?

All tokens on zkSync, STORJ or any other, are as safe on zkSync as tokens in Ethereum Mainnet.

Discussions of liquidity are about exchanging tokens via DeFi pools.

So there is no slippage or what ever. I will defently receive 1:1 zkSync tokens to L1 tokens?

The question, as posed, doesn’t have a straight forward answer. There are really several questions packed into your post.

If you want to exchange your STORJ for something else in the least expensive way possible, Polygon is the way to go. However, there are no active pools setup on Polygon and the number of STORJ tokens on Polygon are quite small. So, any pool setup will have limited liquidity and will be subject to be drained quickly.

When I receive my payout, I will be setting up a small pool set at the prices listed on coingecko. We’ll see how it goes… I will attempt to be as fair as possible, but please check the price of the pool before diving in.

If you want your STORJ tokens to be as “safe” as possible, Ethereum Mainnet payout is the way to go. You’ll likely need to wait several months until your payout value meets the minimum based on gas value.

zkSync is a bit of middle ground. It’s a rollup on Ethereum Mainnet. This means transactions within zkSync are recorded on Ethereum Mainnet every 10 minutes in an aggregate transaction. Thus, “rolling up” a large number of small transactions into one Mainnet transaction… This saves on gas, and is thus less expensive per transaction. It’s possible to perform token exchanges within the rollup, but those exchanges are not as user friendly as either Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon. I’m uncertain about the liquidity situation within a zkSync token exchange market.

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It’s basically on the same level as zkSync though. At least within 10 minutes after the transaction it will be. Your ownership 9f the tokens is guaranteed in the zksync contract on mainnet. At that point it’s just as cryptographically secure as tokens in your own wallet. Only with the use of your private keys can those tokens be moved and with emergency withdrawal you can do that even if zksync disappears entirely.

So the short answer is, yes, your tokens are entirely save on zksync. Or at least no less save than on L1.


I’m probably biased. But I strongly disagree.

ZigZag works quite smooth. (Yes STORJ liquidityis low to buy STORJ, but you can sell STORJ fine)