Are payouts calculated by TiB or TB?

I’m wondering how the payouts are bbeing calculated. On the storj site it tells, that you get around 1.5$ per TB. When setting up a node I entered the size in TiB as available size for example 6TB HDD → 5.4"TB" (TiB) in the storj node config. As the node went full the dasboard showed, that 5.4"TB" were occupied. When taking a look at my server the drive also has been showed as full, but in this case 5.4TiB/5.4TiB. So in conclusion it seems storj uses TiB too instead of TB, but shows the TiB as TB in the Dasboard. When taking a look at the payouts the payout pretty much coincides with the occupied space in TB. What I’m trying to say. A fully occupied 6TB HDD gets paid for like 5.4TB instead of 6TB, since it takes the TiB numbers and calculating them like TB. The payout seem to calculate the TiB x 1,5$ instead of TB x 1.5$. So the Payout is arount 10% less. Am I wrong in this case? I’m happy if somebody can explain. Thanks.

Storj uses TB everywhere, however, the usage reported by satellites (the left graph) was reported as TiB for a while until we noticed that. I hope the latest version has a fix already.
However, I believe the payout is per TB, not per TiB.
I would ask the team for a confirmation.

So in your case I guess the left graph shows 5.4TB but the right piechart shows 6TB, am I right? Or you provided 5.4TB in your config, so the right part shows 5.4TB, and the left part shows it as 4.91TB?
Or you provided it as 5.4TiB in the config? Then it should show it as 5.4TiB on the right side (I never tried), or in worse case 6TB.

Our exact payout rates are:

At rest: $0.00000208/GB/hr (so defined because not every month is actually the same length)
Get egress: $2/TB

Where a GB is 10^9 bytes, and a TB is 10^12 bytes (so not GiB or TiB)


Sure and I’m not complaining, but with such an exact number I’m surprised you’re paying us about $1.52/TB/month on average.


Looks like you went with the closest to $1.50 per 30 days instead. 0.00000208×1000×24×30=1.4976


When looking at the left graph, it is almost congruent with the occupied space showed by my servers OS (TiB), but it ist declared as TB, I watched the payouts over the last months and saw, that when I multiply the value of the left graph (which are the values reported from the satellites) by 1.5$, I mostly got the “right amount” (egress isn’t that high), but in this case the reported numbers are more likely TiB instead of TB, so in my case I think I got less (around the coversionrate from TiB to TB). The right graph seem to be fine at the moment. In my case the used space is around 4.88TB an my server is telling me 4.58TiB (4.88TB ≈ 4.44TiB). So it’s just slightly off. I don’t know if I have a mistake in my thinking, if so, I would appreciate an explaination, that I can do my calculations more efficient, for future upgrades.


Could you please run a

df --si -T

Also it would be nice to have the same for the actual used space

du --si -s /mnt/storj/storage/blobs