Are there a guide to zksync?

wow so many angry people…
are there a guide too zksync ?
I have try go too and add my metamask but the Wallet address I get are the same as my metamask guess that not the run I need ?

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The address on zkSync (L2) will be the same as on mainnet Ethereum (L1), just different network (Layer 2).
If you have tokens on L2 address, you can withdraw them to any L1, if you have private keys or phrase in case of Metamask.

Run storj in docker on my unraid servers the wallet adresse are the same you say . If I remember right I should edit a thing in a file too set storj too use zkSync ? Or do I remember wrong?

You can do it in two ways:

docker run ... storjlabs/storagenode:latest --operator.wallet-features="zksync"

Thx for the help work now