Are there any updates on STORJ-ETH becoming an official pool?

Currently, in order to swap between STORJ and any other asset, you have to use this pool on syncswap. It has a very low TVL, and isn’t very reliable, and doesn’t give the best rates.

I was wondering if the syncswap team had shared any updates on this pool becoming an official pool, with more positions in it? As currently all my earnings are being locked away into this pool as I cannot swap them to an asset I want, as opposed to STORJ.


As far as I understand, this pool is created by Community members:

So, I guess you or any other Community member may add a liquidity there too.

Yeah, but there are many community pools that have turned into official pools on syncswap. I’m only asking because the rate of swapping is so bad, and I want to swap my STORJ at a good rate.

I do not think, that SyncSwap would consider that… For them only matter, are there any participations in the related pool…
And Storj Labs unlikely going to change that - we prohibited from any liquidation actions by laws.

I think Storj could state some positions or statements about tokens on web, then you can just send link, most of other world not familiar with most of US strange laws. But would be good for us to know about that, because Storj have to obey them.

We cannot. Legal limits
So, only hope on Community

I meant about to write what are the legal restrictions, not about tokens itself. may be some links to law.

We do not allowed to participate in any “market involving” actions, include, but not limited to “provide an liquidation pools, do “market positions”” and so on… So, in short - use only Community powers - we are useless to anything related to the token market.

Some of the rules in the United States are still not defined. The SEC is involved in a number of court cases that “may” help to define if tokens are commodities, securities, currency or something else. From the company’s viewpoint, it is better to not talk about it. Anything might be seen as influencing the price of the token, which could be a problem.


So… a new service that’s cheap because it hasn’t been overwhelmed to drive up the fees! But… there’s too few people around to offer liquidity either?

Payouts to a L1 exchange address are looking pretty good right now :wink:

God, at this point I may as well switch to L1 haha