Are there plans for other payment options for Tardigrade?

So maybe soon it would be enough if Storjlabs would accept Paypal as payment options to be able to pay with cryptos.

For the non-hobbyist…

There are already plenty of solutions out there to spend any crypto one has collected. One example is the “Blockcard”:

There are minimum deposit and minimum spending requirements in order to use the card without excess fees. So, this particular solution isn’t really applicable to someone paying $15.00 a month for a personal cloud storage of music and videos…

NOTE: Blockcard is not recommended per @deathlessdd personal experience.

Binance has a card too:

Uphold has a card:

And… of course… if one would like a 10% bonus, one could simply exchange crypto assets via Uniswap and pay in STORJ.

I don’t see any problem with the current payments accepted. Any crypto is fairly easy to work with through many different exchanges. And for those who don’t wish to go through the whole KYC process for whatever reason, there are plenty of DEXes around to swap tokens. And the Crypto to CC payment is fairly straight forward if one takes a few minutes to look.

Dont tell anyone to use this site this is one of the worst I have ever seen. You send an amount they give you whatever they want. pretty much a scam in my opinion.

I’ve never used it… just indicating that there are solutions out there.

The $750 minimum monthly spend to avoid a monthly $5.00 fee is a bit off putting right up front. However, it does seem to work for some people… maybe… unless those people are paid influencers.

Judging real reviews from real participates is rather difficult if one can’t trust that either of those things are real.

Most crypto users probably have at least one frequently used exchange that offers some sort of Debit Card. As always, only use what you have personally researched and trust. And, in general, maintain your funds yourself with your own keys in your own wallet.

Yeah I tried it I took one for the team. You send 20 dollars you get 10 dollars then force to buy a physical card for 10 dollars. plus shipping. Its miss leading.

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Personal experience is usually the best review…

Added to my post above.

Yeah I was excited to see one that I haven’t tried yet.