Are there plans for other payment options for Tardigrade?

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The title says it all. It is very disappointing for a so called blockchain company not to accept at least those major cryptocurrencies. Are there plans to do so natively or via a payment provider?

Storj is not a blockchain company. They only use an ERC20 token to pay node operators and allow Tardigrade users to pay for storage etc.

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I agree, but Storj is seen as such:

Just search for “blockchain” on these pages.

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Please, read this article, it explains how the STORJ token used:

By the way, the Paypal is not cryptocurrency, it’s like a central bank. They like to censorship their merchants or block payments. You can Google for examples.

I can assume that you want to pay with alter money networks, not by CC and not by native STORJ tokens (even if you will have a discount 10%). So, maybe you can list them?

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There are so many cryptocurrency providers:

I think accepting Top 20 of this list, would be really awesome: Today's Top 100 Crypto Coins Prices And Data | CoinMarketCap

Add: Also those stable coins USDT, USDC etc. And there are those tokenized coins that might offer great opportunities as well like renBTC or wbtc.

And now I would ask the question - what the point? What benefit we (users) will have from that?
Keep in mind, with alt methods you will not have any advantages from the payment, because it will be prepaid option without any discount. In case of CC it will be at least postpaid option (i.e. - credit). In case of STORJ - there would be discount and incentive to use STORJ tokens, i.e. buy them from the market to wheel the ecosystem.

You can easily swap all of your crypto to STORJ tokens in hundred ways.


That’s really a strange question. Why would a business accept more than one credit card? It is more convenient for customers, potentially attracting more customers and increasing usage/purchases.

I do not ask for Tardigrade or Storj Labs, I asks as a user.
I just do not see any advantages from that, really. If I would have to pay as prepaid, I want at least a discount or some other benefit - free credits or something. But it’s available only for STORJ tokens. So, if no benefits from prepaid, I would use a CC instead.

You can edit a first post with suggestion and move it to the voting category for Tardigrade, we will see, how many users want to have an alternative payment option in Tardigrade.

I believe it is an advantage for users to use currencies they are already holding without requirement to exchange.

I don’t really see your point here. You are saying others have been wrong about this before? So what?

I’m with @Alexey on this one. Offering an option to customers that is simply objectively worse than the already available options will just lead to customers overlooking the discount they could have had and feel like they were cheated out of it. It takes very little effort to exchange your crypto currencies to STORJ tokens and just pay with those. Furthermore that also stimulates the use of the token, which would be good for everyone involved.


They might be wrong, but it shows how Storj is classified. It is perceived to be tied to the blockchain or crypto space and as such it is sad it does not accept cryptocurrency.

That is a matter of implementation. I don’t see an argument here.

I’d say it depends. If you are holding cryptos in a personal wallet you will have to send them to an exchange, exchange them and withdraw them. This can come with KYC requirements, exchange fees and withdrawl limits. If I buy though Simplex or something there might be even a minimum purchasing amount.
It sounds much easier if I could send the cryptos I am holding from a personal wallet directly to Storj/Tardigrade to pay for the service.

Let’s say you have $100 in ETH and Storj would except both. If you pay in ETH you get $100. If you exchange it to STORJ first you get $110. Storj gives you 10% bonus for STORJ payments. Why would you use any other crypto currency and miss out the 10% bonus? I would exchange all payments to STORJ. In fact I would even exchange the money on my bank account into STORJ to get this 10% bonus.


I might believe you’re a god, that doesn’t mean you have any obligation to perform miracles.

Yes. But people are different. Some collect coupons, some don’t. Some have loyalty cards, some don’t.

I think your missing the point here, storj has its own storj token, Why would they go and accept other cryptos when there only useful crypto is storj token. If they start accepting other cryptos not only will they need to exchange it ontop of paying fees for every payment accepted. They already accept all major credit cards, and they accept storj token. Not only would storj token loose its value but will become useless.
If your comparing the companys accepting crypto as payment for a product to buy they aren’t in crypto at all they just accept crypto as a payment. You can take newegg for example, they have nothing to do with crypto but they accept crypto as a payment. Newegg uses bitpay so if you have another crypto that isnt supported by bitpay you would need to exchange it to whatever bitpay supports to pay.

IF your having to exchange crypto or transfer more then once your also losing money every single time.

Storj has there own crypto which is storjtoken they accept storjtoken as payment its simple as that.


AFAIK Storj is already using a payment provider for its credit card payments. So when accepting credit cards they do already pay fees to some 3rd party. I don’t see how this is an argument against accepting other cryptos in a similar way.

This is not a suggestion to accumulate other cryptocurrencies. There are providers that convert instantly into fiat, like this one: " Payments are instantly converted to Bitcoin or EUR / USD"

Let’s take the last link as example, Storj could accept 50+ Altcoins and receive the money in fiat. I don’t see a reason why this should not be offered to customers as an option.

They are not a supported coin for one they added there own coin. They accept the coin they went out of there way to add to there site. No one else can accept storj as a payment.

The payment provider is used for credit card payments. I was referring to this info: Production readyness?

Well you lost me…your argument was why doesnt storj accept more then one crypto. Were not talking about credit cards here. That is irrelevant. Anyways I see this not going anywhere so im out.

One payment provider for credit cards.
One payment provider for cryptopayments.

This is how I see it. Simple.