Are we only doing 1 version behind github release now?

Hi, just noticed that my node has no ingress today :slight_smile:

Is on v1.26.3

Checked as I have a script polling this, and the minimum version on there is now ;


which is fine, but current release version is v1.29.3 just released…

I know watchtower… but I like to do it manually, and as was skipped on docker…


just saying it gives no time to plan :frowning:

#rant off

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Yeah I was a bit disappointed with that too. I have a script that runs every morning and updates all my nodes with a delay of 4 hours between each node, starting with the smallest node. I have 6 nodes.
4 nodes got updated before the ingress was gone so the last 2 nodes suddenly got no ingress. I was like: “wth… the image just got pushed. It’s not even 3 days yet so most watchtower instances didn’t even get a chance to update.”


yeah but minimum version is now 1 version… it use to be 2, so now there is no wiggle room :frowning: ha my SMR drive will be in constant filewalker if it’s every 3 days update

It still is 2 versions from the version naming scheme. Just not from the actually pushed versions.

Oof yeah that’s cutting it pretty close. I don’t even think the 3 day docker update period has ended yet… That doesn’t seem right. I think someone forgot 1.27 was skipped to be honest. This seems a little unfair to people who even have watchtower running. I updated manually yesterday, but going by my watchtower logs, my nodes wouldn’t have been updated yet.

Scheduled next run: 2021-05-06 07:13:36 +0000 UTC

I agree that it does not give a lot of time to upgrade, especially since the Docker image is pushed a few days after the release announcement.

If you’re like me and prefer to update your node manually, you can use to get alerted when a new release is pushed to DockerHub.

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Noticed this too. Not cool.

Missing half a day of ingress is not a big issue, but nodes that are 3 minor versions below latest are disqualified, so this update put all docker nodes 1 version away from DQ. Storjlabs please follow your own bi-weekly release schedule or at least don’t bump minor version before everyone get a chance to update.


Funny how if you hover over the version number v1.28.2 in the dashboard it says “Running the minimal allowed version: v1.24.0”. I wonder if this is hard-coded and just plainly wrong?
Guess I could try and read the source code to find out if I could be bothered.

Minimal allowed means below that you’re going to be disqualified. This is different from just not receiving ingress.

Hi there, thanks for raising your concern. As far as I know, the minimum version only impacts upload traffic. It doesn’t and shouldn’t cause a disqualification of your node

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It doesn’t and shouldn’t cause a disqualification of your node

see: Keeping your node up to date, changes to storage node software! PLEASE READ this thread!

We are going to start disqualifying nodes that are 3 minor releases behind. In the above example, 1.10 and older will get DQed. We will also be ensuring that the standard source code release will simply refuse to start if it’s 3 minor releases behind.



They should either leave to 2 versions, or update docker more frequently.