As a tardigrade client, on which satellite should register?


As a new tardigrade client, I received an invite to register in one of the 3 tardigrade satellites: US, Europe or Asia.

Since the location of satellites doesn’t really matter (because data are not stored on them), why should we select one of them?
Why not having only one official tardigrade satellite, distributed in Asia, US and Europe?

Maybe I misunderstood something…

Thanks for your explanation!


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I would recommend to use a nearest satellite to you. The metadata is stored on the satellite, in case of a lot of objects you can notice a delay if you will use a far satellite.


Thank you!
But wouldn’t it be “simpler” if we didn’t have to choose the satellite?
I mean, the system could choose the nearest and distribute the date across the world.

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Satellites are not synchronized, so you can have an independent accounts on each of them.

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