Asustor Setup confusion. Windows or on the NAS?

I’m starting out setting up a storj node. However, I’m a bit confused. My aim is to setup the storj on my Asustor NAS. So were should I be forwarding the ports to? Should I be following the setup instructions on the NAS or my windows machine. I’ve created and verified the identity, So the next step according to instructions is the port forwarding and installation using windows GUI.

Would love a video or written explanation on the steps.


You should install the storagenode on the Asustor, so the port forwarding will be to the NAS. What is the processor architecture of the Asustor?

Then you should not be using the Windows .msi installer on your Windows machine.

(You can however use your Windows PC to create the identity certificates, because this step is way quicker when you have some CPU power.)

To your Asustor NAS.

You should first find out what kind of CPU and OS your NAS uses and then follow the corresponding instructions, e.g. Docker for Linux or whatever fits :slight_smile:

/edit: damn, way to not read the single post in this thread and find out nearly everything has been answered already :smiley: