Audit Check % Less than 100%

Hey guys,

Ive noticed for a while that when I check against specific satellites on my windows node the “Audit Check” value is less than 100%. Its still really high (99.7% for example) but I would have expected my node to be disqualified?

Is it normal for it to be less than 100%? Also no idea how I might have lost any data.

I haven’t seen this issue on my Odroid HC2 nodes so far.


< 60% would lead to disqualification on particular satellite so you are good. You can check logs for “file does not exist” or other errors. Also dashboard API should tell you how many audits you succeeded vs failed.

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This is NOT true. An audit score below 0.6 would lead to disqualification. This is very different from the life time percentages shown on the dashboard. If your percentage suddenly dropped to 99.7% look into it quickly. Unlike the lifetime percentages, the audit score drops fast when things start going wrong. So yes, search for audit errors in your logs asap.

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