Audit of some satellites sinks


I can see from the screenshots that the percentages for two of your nodes have decreased after an audit.

These are two different nodes. They are online 24/7 and got a stable connection which i can garuntee. How is it possible that my audit goes down? In my other nodes this problem does not exists.

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Are they on the same network? Are all nodes on the same machine? Are those two nodes on different machine than others? How are you running them? Do setups differ between nodes? We don’t know your setup, so narrow it down for us first. Any errors in logs?

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They are running on the same server, but not on the same /24 subnet. I am running them as in the instructions said.

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The audit score could go down only when your node lost or corrupted pieces, for downtime here is online score, so you need to check why your node failing audits before it will be disqualified for losing data:

Yeah, i know that, but i cant figure out why my nodes loose data. My other nodes running aswell and nothing happened until now.

Maybe disk is going bad, or you accidentally changed permissions, you need to check audit errors to be able to figure out what’s going wrong.