AUG. 11, 2019: All monthly payouts have been completed

July payouts are now complete.

If you have feedback or questions, contact


Je n’ai pas reçu ma paye pour ma part.

Hello @Lucas

Please email


Will you add July-2019 to ?

By the way, RENT YOU DRIVE link on that site is broken


Hi @Alexey,

My node was up and running at the end of July, maybe 27th, I can’t remember exactly. Am I supposed to receive July payout?

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to your reply.

Hello @dichai1983,
Welcome to the forum!
Yes, if your node is healthy.
You can check your payout here: , specify your wallet address and switch to the Tokens tab

I checked and got it, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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How can I make sure that I will ne paid?
I setup my first node on August but I’m not sure to have the right setup so I can get paid.

I started my node in mid-August, based on the official tutoriel here ( but I didn’t received anything yet.

The Storage Node Dashboard indicates the following :

  • Bandwidth used: 2.9 GB
  • Egress: 2.3 GB
  • Ingress: 588.2 MB (since Sep 1)
  • Disk used: 2.3 GB

In case it would be useful : The node seems to reboot sometimes because even if my VM is up for 12 days, the Storage Node Dashboard indicates ~60 hours uptime at most.

Thank you all for your feedback and congrats to the team!

Payout for aug is made within the first two weeks of sept

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Thank you!

Is it possible have the details of the payout (repair revenue, storage revenue, egress revenue, held amount)?


You can use this script

Though for historic months it can’t calculate storage payouts as the historic data for this is not kept in the info.db

Thanks a lot!
I’ll try it.