August payments

Iz there a problem with layer 2 payments, as it go out 2h ago, but dont se any on layer 2 it shold be instant. I know that withdraw takes several Hours but L2 to L2 as i remember shold be very fast.

Update, on zksynk transfer made only to 4 wallets and stopped.

so no panic yet. payments are not done yet on L2

@jtolio something gone bad?

As long as we’re not past the middle of the month, I don’t see any reason to worry, right? :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, payments are still going out. Whenever the tool has a hiccup we take a big step back to make sure everything looks right. zkSync had some (small) hiccup we don’t understand yet, so we switched gears to layer 1 payments over Ethereum. Polygon is done, Layer 1 is ongoing, zkSync should resume in the next day or two.


For posterity, what happened is zkSync’s transaction hash code changed here: Implement new raw transaction (#2279) · matter-labs/zksync@0d9b71e · GitHub, and so our matching code got confused. Everything is good and is all fixed going forward.


Thank you for update.