Auth Token for new Nodes

Hi there, I heard that node operators from now on can register new nodes on same e-mail address. Well I did try that and for know I did not get new auth tokens. I’m trying to get online 4 new nodes.

Please use Chrome or Firefox with all ad blockers disabled (including dns blockers on the network like pi-hole)

There are some limitations. Tokens are given out in a paced manner, you may not receive them immediately if multiple requests came in at the same time. You can use the same email, but you can only get one token per day and you’ll only receive a new token if the previous token has been used.

Also, please take into account that if you start 4 nodes simultaneously all on the same IP/subnet they all will take 4 times as long to get vetted and share bandwidth, so each will get only a fraction of the traffic. This won’t be a problem for you though if each node is on a separate location and IP.