Automate port forwarding and firewall rules

UPnP protocol, this would help many new node operators. There is steps required for the node operator to enable thier router for UPnP. These steps are much easier than getting the correct port forwarding.

On install of the application should ask to add a firewall rule(s) to be added for port forwarding to the correct port. At lease this can be done on windows.

Believe this would make a big impact on getting the lowest common denominator to start as an node operator with little networking knowledge.

uPNP is garbage for long term reliability from what I’ve seen. If you run a Windows desktop you will need both the firewall on the desktop and the firewall for your internet connection forwarded to the node. I’ve done IT for 2 decades and most residential gateways are terrible for configuring NAT as well, and walking people through putting a firewall in DMZ mode is not fun.

There’s a technological barrier to entry that needs to be addressed with getting a node up and running. Whether it’s paid for IT support that uses a remote connection to setup the client’s firewall, or great videos there needs to be some sort of assistance.