Autoupdate takes more than 15 days now

One of my nodes passed 15 days on ver. 1.72.5. Didn’t used to be under 10 days to autoupdate? Should the autoupdate increase the rate of nodes that are updated?

You mean you are still not on 1.72.5? The update process for this version is already completed. That should be an other issue.
If you are already on 1.72.5 it’s all fine. The update process to 1.73.4 just started 2 or 3 days ago and is at around 20% completed.

Edit: Maybe a look at your “storagenode-updater.log” will help.

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It has 1.72.5. Ou, if 1.73.4 just started, then it’s fine; I was used with more frequent updates…