Azure Marketplace

Why dont i see tardigrade/Storj listed here??? Anyone thought of creating a virtual appliance or app of some sort and listing it there for consumers?

The likeness of S3 on Azure is the blobfuse app for linux that connects to blob storage in azure natively, I use this for my day job…

Why should Storj be there? What should the listed App do?

Offer storage services to the Azure community - big exposure and lots of potential customers. You could arguably do the same in AWS? No?

thats great suggestion…
a bit counter intuitive it’s not often the competition is so big that they will literally advertise / host ones services on their market place…

might be the only reason it hasn’t been done yet.
@jocelyn what do you think?

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with trying is there.

I dont think you can just advertise with a banner but to cook something up quickly may be worthy, Azure apps/services/service offerings aren’t that difficult to create.

I think its possible to create a container of some sort and link this as an app asset, so lets say an API endpoint (Windows/Linux pre-installed) pre-primed for the service and having some sort of bootstrap script to get it functional?

I was asking because I can’t imagine what it should be. The marketplace is about software that runs on Azure cloud.

Creating a Storj node on Azure would not make sense. What else is there? S3 Gateway is now multi tenant and available for everyone. Even if not, people would just integrate it into their ownapplication (which then may be in the marketplace).

Storj doen’t have complete applications beside the storj node software, only tooling integrate into other software.

Yeah S3 for Azure is on there: Flexify.IO - Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob Storage

And a hybrid solution: Flexify.IO - Multi-Cloud Storage

Have a look on the market place to get a feel of what is on offer.

What’s even better is that if you provide a solution on there, you also get to have other solution developers use your solution to store their data.

Typical ideas:
Move azure blob storage to tardigrade for freezing.
Alternative PAYG blob storage API.
Virtual Machine Backup.
Generic Backup Service.

Not sure how Azure themselves would see this, it’s competitive?

The problem I see is that everything in the marketplace is supposed to do something with Azure services, either use their storage engine or computing powers. This does not align with what Storj has to offer.

I’ll bring it up on today’s sales/bizdev call and let them know about the suggestion


It was just an idea to explore

I’m actually prodding here about getting your service listed on cloud market places, of which there are many in existence.

With Azure/AWS it may be a case of becoming a trusted partner rather than trying to push a competitive app on their marketplace as a general partner. Azure and all the other cloud providers partner with suppliers, like HP, Dell, EMC etc… Otherwise they would fail to exist, would they not?

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These are all good ideas and are becoming increasingly relevant now. We’ve talked to companies like Flexify before and have looked at a number of interoperability options between public clouds, but the limiting factors have always been the need to host your own gateway and the cost of egress bandwidth. This weeks release of the hosted gateway and new pricing makes this approach much more viable. We have a few more things to do on the gateway back end to really make this economically attractive to customers. I think there will definitely be a play for Storj in the multi-cloud space.