Backblaze raises prices

After Wasabi, now Backblaze apparently also raises prices. Customers received an email with the following contents:


thanks for the heads up, I have forwarded this to our sales team, they will be interested in this.


Interesting. This means way more data is being hoarded than actively downloaded, since even with free 3x egress charging 20% more for storage is more profitable. “Hot storage” hehe :slight_smile:

Sort of make sense — b2 latency is huge unless you are close to the datacenter. Another advance of storj.

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I have always thought that these are the times to increase prices to customers as they understand prices are going up everywhere.
So Wasabi and Backblaze are making the right move at the right time.

I wonder what would happen if Storj would announce a price increase for lets say Q1 or Q2 2024 but only for new customers?

Yeah, but b2 latency for S3 is a different story. Backblaze is in the S3 business.
In my testing, Backblaze S3 had way faster bandwidth than STORJ S3.

I wonder what percent of their customers exceed the 3x free egress and pay the $0.01/GB ~= $10/TB. Also how the revenue from that would compare to Storj’s $7/TB. Could Storj add a buffer of some amount of free egress and increase price and make more revenue without losing customers?

STORJ already pays a premium for centralized S3 access in addition to the SNO upload traffic. No way they can offer it for free at a half decent performance.

Hmmm $10/TB after free 3 times Your storage (at $6/TB regular) means
every “free” traffic(egress) of 1TB stored, (after 4TB used) really costs $2,5/TB
That’s funny, because that’s EXACTLY what i proposed.

STORJ could ask $2,5/TB from the start instead of $7.
hence this post: here

It is my understanding that there would be no math.

Not sure if the link was already shared: here