A proposal to a STORJ Announcements proposal

Thank You.
i have read many times.
It’s not chaotic,
it’s a story, epic story.
it’s a chain of reasoning.
One leads to another.

it’s 25 minutes read, but if You are STORJ executive, it’s BEST TIME SPEND OF YOUR LIFE! :smiley:

i wrote short summary and put it HERE

Please upgrade to ChatGPT-4, it’s doing much better.

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency,
Where nodes reign supreme in digital currency,
There are those who operate a unique kind of node,
Known as Storj, it helps with storage and file upload.

These node operators are a special breed,
They keep their nodes running with great speed,
To earn rewards in the form of Storj coins,
And help users store data with great rejoins.

It’s a task that requires patience and skill,
To ensure that their node’s storage never fills,
They must constantly monitor their bandwidth,
And make sure that their connection is grand.

For if their node goes offline, even for a bit,
They risk losing out on Storj coin, a hit,
So they work day and night to keep it online,
And make sure their rewards keep on the climb.

Some node operators have more than one node,
To earn more rewards, and increase their code,
And with each new node, comes more responsibility,
To keep them all running, with great stability.

But it’s not just about earning coins, you see,
These operators help to store data, with great glee,
Their nodes are part of a decentralized network,
That ensures files are stored, without any wreck.

And as the world becomes more digital each day,
More data needs to be stored, in a secure way,
Storj node operators play an important role,
In ensuring that data is safe, and never droll.

So let’s raise a toast to these unsung heroes,
Who keep their nodes running, with great zeros,
For without their hard work and dedication,
The world of Storj would be a far cry from elation.

And so we thank you, Storj node operators,
For your hard work, and your determination,
To keep our data safe, and our networks secure,
And for being a part of this digital future.

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You think You funny,
You joined yesterday,
if You have nothing constructive to add,
please go away.

What i write is entirely mine,
no need to post, just to entertain.

It was quite funny, though :smile:

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The chatgpt angle is funny… but the undertone of making fun of someone who isn’t speaking their native language is not. @Ruskiem is contributing to an important conversation and deserves to be treated with respect. It may be a little harder to read, but they put the effort into typing this in their non-native language, we can at least make the effort to try and follow along or if you’re not willing to, just skip this post.


Fairs, I didn’t read it like that…. :man_shrugging:t2:


Took me some time but i got it for You:


Changes resulting from my updated proposal:


  • +$1,5/TB egress profit (from $1 to $2,5 for every TB traffic.)
  • +25% to 15% from every TB stored profit (from -$0,13 to +$1 or +$1,6 for every TB stored.)

Customers CHANGE:

  • 2 times more for storage BUT 2,8 times LESS cost of traffic
  • nominally no change (from $4/TB stor. and $7/TB egress to $7,9/TB or $8,5/TB stor. and $2,5/TB egress)


  • +1$ per TB storage (from $1,5/TB to $2,5/TB)
  • BUT egress from $6/TB to $0/TB (or $x/TB if STORJ inc. want to share its pool of $2,5/TB)*

So the proposal makes STORJ inc. finally to profit from Storage and Egress.
Enables customers to use the service much cheaper.
Makes SNOs operation finally sustainable.

*More here,
It crystalized today, more in this Thread, here

But in this case sno will dont have any encourage to use fast internet connection as if egress is 0 price, i dont care about it.
Second lot on costumers use it as storage more that as hot storage. So this will be much more expensive for them. Also if people downgrade there connections, will be no fast deliver any more.

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And how will You fill Your HDD’s fast? without fast connection?
When Your goal at first will be to keep data.
Second, if this new egress price make data inflow to the network e.g. 2 times more, 3 times more, You will fill Your HDD accordingly faster as well, means you will earn faster. if Your main earning will be from storage at first.
(because You have to first upload a file, video, so it can be downloaded, or watched, and the goal is for customers to be much more willing to store videos than now). If these prices result in more network traffic, the egress doesn’t have to be 0 for SNOs at all, there will be $2.5/TB profit to share between Storj INC and SNOs. It’s only up to STORJ how they want to share it and if.

Cold storage use has right to exists, just don’t know if You can build a profitable STORJ future on that alone, when industry standard for egress price is lower now a days. (hetzner Є 1,19/TB)
Sure, all can stay the same, but then SNOs are still at $1,5 pay rate with not much egress traffic to be paid for, and i foresee that’s just not sustainable for large majority. Because they won’t even earn for HDD replacement in 2 years with current rates. if they don’t know now, they will realize with first drive failure. You and me are privileged, because we build our nodes before new rates, think about the network future, will it grow with this pay rates? or it will decline?

Most of European ISP still offers an asymmetric plans, i.e. 100Mbps down, 5Mbps up vs 100Mbps symmetric have a big difference in cost. Germany still uses ADSL2 very widely (16Mbps down/1Mbps up), VDSL2 (50/10).
In USA the commonly known ISP still has a bandwidth limit even for wired connection and so on.

today it already not very encouraging to use fast connections, egress is small and cheap.

Let’s hope that now with the new payout rates and the Wasabi price increase the desired high egress use cases customer will become reality.


:smiley: o You think an increase by 2 or 3 in nodes egress will make a difference for ISP’s?
i see no problem with the home internet availability.

Haven’t You got this under consideration when STORJ model was designed? that nodes will have traffic or even a lot of traffic? Why You are suddenly concerned?

When Internet service provider for home offers a plans, people are driven by the download speed offered, but the upload speed also scales up with the plan.

So that satement:

is invalid @Alexey, (Why You are liking it? it hurts me, You should understand) because people want fast connection first for them selfs, not for STORJ, but STORJ node benefits from that, because upload scales, as they choose best download speed for them selfs for home anyway.
The point is: You need fast download connection to earn even when there’s $0/TB for egress.

in Poland, we have like:
1000 Mbps download and 300 upload, for $20/mo
300 Mbps download and 50 upload, for $15/mo
We have no limits since around 2009 here.
Others competitors are very similar.
Smallest upstream i saw in the country for home connection on cable is like 10Mbps (100/10) for $10/mo.
And STORJ requires a 5Mbps.

My full 7TB node for 07.2023 did
61.02GB Egress
146.57GB Repair and audit

207,59GB total (resulting in $1 payout for all month’s traffic)

So lowest internet in the country at 10Mbps can do 1,25MB/s upstream at 100% (24/7)
it’s 3164GB in a 30 days
say node needs only 20%
it’s 632,8GB/month

As You can see, there’s plenty of space to go 3 times the traffic no problem, with just upstream.

Yes @jammerdan, lets hope.
But if not, then something got to be done with it.
Nevertheless, this proposal is worth consideration,
because it gives STORJ inc. a $1-1,6 per TB stored, and up to $2,5 per TB traffic
compared currently STORJ is losing money on storage, and profit only $1 per TB traffic.

Here we get 1000/200 for €80 if fibre is available.

i’m sorry, $20/mo + a mobile phone unlimited calls and sms included, want to move in?

Germany is not a good example, its obsolete in terms of internet and card payments,
And USA got cheap fiber too. Nevertheless a minimum 2TB traffic per month would be enough for a 7TB node to get paid $12, and that’s x10 more than current traffic, and that STILL would be only ~65% of a 10Mbps upstream capabilities!

But i’m afraid, customers just don’t want to do it, with current $7/TB price for customers.

my 500x500+ tv pays me 53 euro, I will change it soon

I would very seriously consider it if only the language wasn’t SO DAMN DIFFICULT! :smile:

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That’s expensive. I’m paying $12.5/mo, and that includes a subscription to some streaming service with bad movies only. Same country.

It’s pretty easy, the phonetics are almost like Chinese, grammar is only slightly more difficult than Japanese, and we have grandmas who insist on teaching every foreigner how to speak the language. And we don’t skip over word endings like French.


Well, the saving grace is that you spell what you say and always say what you write.
But for someone who can speak several Romance and Germanic languages (to varying degrees of fluency, I hasten to add. I am no C3P0), Slavic languages are turning out to be a complete brain melt! :smiley: