Backing up the node connection with mobile data incase of internet outage

I know it is not a recommended method to make your node online wirelessly because there is a huge probability of data loss and the standard charges for mobile data are very high.
But as the quotation goes something is better than nothing, I want to know if there is a way I can be online using mobile data. And if there is I wanna know the settings of the access point name(APN) to always make my node online since it affects my node’s reputation.

Does your mobile connection adhere to the minimum requirements for node connectivity ?

As of now your node can stay offline for 288 hours. There is also a possibility that your node might not respond to audits in timely manner while on mobile broadband and will result in audit failure due to timeouts :frowning: This is worse than being offline.

Online score recovers but recovering from audit failure takes way longer.

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He is not talking about WiFi, but mobile broadband instead.

Get a contract with a cellular company that supplies you with a public IPv4 adress and a router that supports DDNS.

The APN depends on your mobile broadband ISP and has nothing to do with your node always being online.


Fixed it :slight_smile:

A cellular company that supplies public dedicated IPv4 address for mobile data? Does it exist?

This is a new info for me. And btw, does this apply to per month?

o2 does that, the activation is 50€

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Is there not a way my node can be online 24/7 even when there is an internet outage from the ISP?

It is possible to use cellphone network and ip forwarding or VPN to your private vps. But you need a good cellphone contract for the amount of data… Unless (for emergency online only) you only whitelist the storj satellites on your vps, then the satellites will be able to audit your node but all ingress and egress to/from clients/customers will fail (I think even repair traffic will fail?).
Note: haven’t tested any of this except for ip forwarding but not over cellphone.

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If there is a high probability of audit failure from cellphone connectivity, I am thinking of subscribing for another ISP with volume based internet connection with residential purposes only. But what confuses me is how do I setup the other router which has the connection from second ISP with residential purpose locate my node.
Can I use the same domain in two routers at once?
If no then what can I do?

I think your cellphone connection needs to be really slow for audits to time out. But could happen if all traffic is allowed since all that data could overwhelm the cellphone connection. If you go with a whitelist, it should be no problem.

You might be able to use the same domain with multiple a records? I’m not sure how well that works for storj.

Yes you can, but it would be horrible with the current TCP traffic and cause a routing nightmare. An example would be to register a Dynamic DNS domain name for each router so;

Internet Router 1 Public IP =
Internet Router 2 Public IP =

You would then need, a 3rd domain name, which points to the two routers. → CNAME → & CNAME →

It would be this domain name that you put in the Storj Node config (

The uplink client is RFC compliant when it comes to DNS lookups, so it will effectively round robin between your two internet connections.

So yes it is possible, but please please please don’t even try it, it’s horrible and you will hit many issues with basic home routers, not to mention gateway issues, and NAT that I haven’t included above.

In my view, don’t worry about a backup internet - you get a good few days of being offline, and this is much better than being online on a bad link and failing audits ! the satellites are very precise, they will pickup a slow link, or 3 consecutive failures to return a GET when your node is asked because of a routing issue or bad network.

If your determined to look at failback internet, then save yourself allot of headache by buying a router than supports multi-wan, with a cellular Sim card slot. It will manage the domain name failover for you if they use a dynamic host.


So the best option will be to not do any other additional work. Okay thanks that will save my money too.