Backing up using Storj & Zerto

Hey everyone,

My name is Anthony Dutra and I am a Technical Marketing Engineer at Zerto (

Zerto uses near-synchronous replication to help applications stay online during and operational disaster or backing up a VM/container and it’s contents. We are able to back up virtual machines/containers to a S3-compatible storage repo like Storj.

I have written a “How-To” doc on how to use Storj as a backup with Zerto and was hoping to work with the Storj team to help co-publish it (ideally in the Storj docs also with the other back up walkthroughs)

Hope this would be a good place to reach and hoping someone might be able to connect!


Welcome to the forum @zDutra !

I’ve passed your information on internally and someone should reach out shortly.

Thank you for your contribution !

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I hope to see Storj soon as Zerto Technology Partner:


This might interest you :smirk:


The How-To Guide for Zerto can be found here now.

Yes I have seen that. That’s why I pulled this thread back to light.
But it’s just a how to use it guide, not what looks like a partnership with like link exchange, partnership mention, Twitter and blog announcement, press release joined marketing and so on and so on.

It is nice to get to know that the solution works with Storj DCS but potential customers also need to be made aware of it.

Our marketing team decides what is the best order and timing to publish announcements. I would think that the linkedIn post would make it quite obvious that there is a collaboration with Zerto. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for announcements of all our new integrations in due time.

Note that this tweet about the linkedIn article also mentions it was jointly drafted with Storj

I had more the impression it is a POC article like this one Experimenting with Vertica on Storj DCS even more as it states

Decentralized storage networks are powered by blockchains,

and we know that Storj DCS storage does not rely on blockchains.

But it is great to hear that there might be an official announcement on a partnership soon because I would like to see Storj next to Microsoft, Google, PureStorage and AWS here: Zerto Technology Alliances - Zerto

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ya that would be cool. Storj and XNS (my two fav distributed cloud networks) climbing to the top of the storage game!