Backing up using Storj & Zerto

Hey everyone,

My name is Anthony Dutra and I am a Technical Marketing Engineer at Zerto (

Zerto uses near-synchronous replication to help applications stay online during and operational disaster or backing up a VM/container and it’s contents. We are able to back up virtual machines/containers to a S3-compatible storage repo like Storj.

I have written a “How-To” doc on how to use Storj as a backup with Zerto and was hoping to work with the Storj team to help co-publish it (ideally in the Storj docs also with the other back up walkthroughs)

Hope this would be a good place to reach and hoping someone might be able to connect!


Welcome to the forum @zDutra !

I’ve passed your information on internally and someone should reach out shortly.

Thank you for your contribution !

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