Backup solution for my storage node (rsync)


Please tell me if it’s okay to use rsync as full node backup solution? I would like to backup everything on hourly/daily basis for possible disaster recovery plan.

Thank you!

From a technical point it should work as long as you backup your databases carefully, e.g. run sqlite’s .backup command. But it’s usually more economical to just run another node on the device you’d put your backups on, your average profits will be higher.

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So if i understand right, it’s possible to run 1 more node just for backup? Do i need to configure any additional settings for that or just run node on same or different server?

Thanks for help.

What @Toyoo said is that it may be more economical to just run a completely separate node on the device that you would use for backing up your main node).

If you do not run your node on a VM, backing it up may be tricky because there are so many files. Rsync would probably run fortoo long and there is a problem of backing up the databases. If you could make a snapshot and then copy that snapshot it would be better. For example, if you store the node on lvm or zfs.

I could back up my node every 15 minutes or so by making a zfs snapshot and then zfs send the snapshot to another serer with zfs. It would just send the differences from the last time, so it would be a few GB at most.

You would need to back up the node frequently, because if your node dies and you restore it from a backup, you will not have the files that were uploaded between the time you made the backup and the time your node crashed. Too many missing files could lead to disqualification.