Bad mistake or its ok?

Hi everyone, here is my problem.

I was trying to move my storagenode from docker to windows and I failed to specify the corect data storage folder, the node started and got almost 130MB of data before i shut it down and corrected the path.

Is this a big problem? will get disqualified? My node is 8 months old, and I have a lot of data and quite a good node 99.6% up time and succes rates above 99%

If it is a small portion of the overall data it will most likely survive.

This is bad… I don’t know why I change to windows it was just fine on docker…

We all learn from our mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself. GUI is more stable than docker as per SNOs. I have been in your situation and I noticed it sooner when dashboard showed zero stats. During this time I got 2 files which I copied to the relevant folders. You can do the same and keep your fingers crossed.

PS: DO NOT copy the database files. I copied just the pieces. The outer folder (folder outside storage folder) would have small sized database files.

Well I’m quite old in this crypto thing, I mined ETH, BTC, I trade and I like storj ideea and see its potential, I should not make mistakes like this… I will keep monitoring the audit, and if it goes bad i will try to identify the files and move them where they belong.

Edit: I found them 140MB in size inside blobs folder, and 5 files in temp, partial download

By that time you would have failed the audit and copying after that won’t do you any good.

Then you are the right guy to spread the awareness whenever you can. Don’t be disheartened. When in doubt always ask.

Temp and partials don’t matter but blobs does. Every satellite has its own folder you can navigate it properly to identify where the files fit properly. I would recommend to freshen up and make sure you don’t make any more mistakes. When your mind is full of guilt you might make more mistakes.

Edit: Keeping in line with not deleting files on our own I would recommend to copy temp and partials to their respective folders too.

Thanks for the advice, I will wait to calm down and then make the move, I saw know that each sat have his folder, the data to move its not the big so its manageable. Thanks a lot !

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Please, do not procrastinate the move, your node could be disqualified within a few hours.

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I have 3.28 TB of data stored only 140 MB are off with this mistake, I will fix it in 30-40 mins

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you’re probably fine, but disqualification due to missing files can happen quickly. While I agree that you shouldn’t panic, you also shouldn’t keep running a node that is missing files for any length of time. If you can’t or don’t want to fix that right away, at least stop the node so it won’t get disqualified.

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Ok, I have copied the missing files, from blobs and temps since others were empty, I have also notice some “file does not exist” in log, I think that was before. Clean the log and looking to see if its oke now. I will edit with the result. Thanks too all again !!

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that it is even possible to start an old node without access to its data seems like a bit of an oversight in the programming of the node launch procedure… doesn’t need to check all the data, but some basic checks would save a lot of nodes from being disqualified or ruined in other ways.

But yeah leave it running, expect it to fix itself…

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