Bad wording on suspension notification

The suspension notification in the node dashboard says “This is a reminder that your StorageNode on SatelliteID Satellite is suspended”.

It should rather be “This is a reminder that your StorageNode is suspended on SatelliteID Satellite”.

I’m seeing this on version 1.56.4 running Windows.

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Hi @twl

Thanks for reporting it, I’ve opened an issue on Github

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Any volunteers? storj/service.go at 4762493e0f590b90229722218430faddad393e70 · storj/storj · GitHub


Sure: storagenode/reputation: clarify wording on suspension notification by ReneSmeekes · Pull Request #4921 · storj/storj · GitHub

Edit: Been a while since my last PR. The Jenkins pipeline is a lot longer these days. :slight_smile: Though I’m sure a simple text change won’t be a problem.