Bandwidth.db corrupt

I have Storj configured to use 7TB (I have 7.1TB available on the host). It looks like storj has however consumed all disk space and it caused my bandwidth.db to be corrupt
I moved all the db files to a different folder (after removing the bandwidth.db file) and tried to start the node - this created a new bunch of files and i overwrote them with the ones from earlier.

I did need to free up some space though, so I removed some stuff from the trash folder - storj starts now, but when i look at the interface it says its offline and has no stats, no version number, no history for payouts and basically shows no stats at all.

Looking at my logs, I think its attempting to upload stuff to the network still but im not sure how to fix the dashboard

When you copied the database back, did you restart the node? Haven’t done this myself so not sure of the behavior. However if it just started with a clean database it will take about a month to rebuild the stats, as I understand it.

yeah i stopped the node, made a folder and copied the database files, started the node so it re-created them, stopped it again and overwrote them (except for bandwidth.db)