Bandwidth.db corrupted

I’ve been surfing the forums to figure out how to repair my bandwidth.db. It’s 11GB and the rebuild is going to take quite some time. What I want to know, is if the bandwidth.db has anything to do with my actual payouts or if it’s just for visibility. If it’s not tied to actual payout, is there any reason to not simply delete the bandwidth.db and just let it start fresh from today? I’m not too concerned with historical payouts or bandwidth. I would just like to begin seeing it again from today forward. Any issue with simply deleting the bandwidth.db?

Thank you

Here are the current bandwidth numbers from the dashboard.

Nothing on the node side can affect payout. That would have been easy to abuse.
It’s pretty cosmetic. There is a manual how to repair databases.

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Thank you, yeah that’s what I’m following; however, after 18h only 524M of 11GB have been rebuilt. I even disabled journal mode and set the cache to 2GB but still just takes A LONG time.

So, there’s no issue with just deleting the database and letting it start over, right?



yeah just make a backup and delete it, it’ll take some days to rebuild but it’s okay.

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