Bandwidth downturn


Hi all, just thought i would ask the question… but my bandwith from a few days ago has significantly dropped. I just wanted to know if this is been seeing by other operators or is it a possible issue with my system.

I am seeing this on all 5 of my nodes…


There are (almost) no tests running now.
I see the same on my node:

I hope you know since Storj isn’t mining you can’t expect regular flow of data. Just make sure your node is online and you aren’t failing audits.

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Thanks! That is what I thought… would you have any links to any documents that they have on this “Mining” process and will the “test” data stored be recycled at some point or is it data that will be used by storj and produce “uploads”

Its still not mining :slight_smile: Let’s call it transfer of data instead.

Test data is uploaded/downloaded/deleted like customer data. You can think of it like a real life scenario where customer uploads/downloads/deletes data.

It depends on which tests are running at the moment. You cannot expect or compare traffic of any day with any other day/week/month.

As a SNO our job would entail making sure node is online and not failing audits.

PS: If you want to read up on what’s going on you can visit Storj Blog


Tests, just started again, so you should see a little usage again. But yeah, it will be intermittent.

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