Bandwidth graph blip

I know, I know. This again.
One of my node seems to have stopped reliably populating the used bandwidth graph.
I know it’s wrong because the used disk space is going up reliably, there was a lot of bandwidth used during the testing and my success rate is above 98%.

I have done the usual database checks and they all came back OK.

I have restarted the node and let the file walker do its thing.

No unexpected errors in the logs as far as I could tell.

I know this is not a show stopper and everything seems to be working as usual but… it’s messing with my OCD!

Any ideas what next step could be to troubleshoot this?

I assume you use docker, because you do that a lot :slight_smile:

Have you tried docker rm [node] before spinning it up again? That works for me for fluke errors from time to time. Yes yes, it’s just a rehash of the old “Did you try turning it off and on again”, but that tends to stick because it works.

Yes, I did also try that… :slight_smile:

Do you have a free space on that node?
And also finished uploads in your logs?

Please also note:

Loads of free space and success rate is over 98% so the uploads are being successful…
The used space graph is going up, which suggests the node is successfully getting data.

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It seems to coincide with the go-live of the bandwidth stat cache. It’s worth checking your db’s for errors too. Though I would expect related errors in your logs if that was the issue.

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Yes, I thought of that too.
I ran the database check and all of them came back OK, which is why I’m a bit stumped.


Oh, apologies. I now see you already mentioned that. I guess reading is hard. :person_facepalming: My bad.

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